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Smile Flower Project☺︎

Smile Flower Project☺︎ は、DVや貧困の課題を抱える女性や子どもたちが描いた絵を商品化し、双方にとって有益な循環を生み出そうとする試みです。


● 援助ではなく"Enjoy"を合言葉に




● 活動は国内外を問いません


● コラボメンバー募集


Smile Flower Project☺︎ is a challenge to make some products  drawings painted by women and children who are facing issues of domestic violence and poverty, and create a cycle that is beneficial to both parties.

The free drawings they paint when they want to it them  become Art books, NFT Art, mug and T-shirt designs, and sometimes video works that are uploaded to YouTube. We envision such a flow.

● With the slogan "Enjoy" not help

The most important thing in this project is to"do what both parties want to do, when they want to do it, and in the way they want to do it.

Women and children in Kenya and other areas are free to paint when they want to, and support staff are asked to send their drawings to the studio when they want to send them.

Our staff members also want to enjoy touching their drawings, sharing ideas, and editing/merchandising them. We hope to deliver products born from such a chain of enjoyment to customers who will truly enjoy them.

● Our project is in Japan and other countries

The activities of this project are not limited to domestic or international. We value connections with people who enjoy working together us and with whom we can build a relationshio of trust.

● Collabo Member Wanted

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to collaborate with you flexibly to exchange information and share ideas.


  1. 援助ではなく"Enjoy"を大切に

  2. 物理的状況に左右されない情報空間で価値を創造します

  3. どんな絵/表現もジャッジ(否定)されません

  4. 描かれた絵に合うプロダクトを考えていきます

  5. 関わるすべての人は対等であり尊重されます

  1. Value "enjoyment" rather than support

  2. Create value in an information space that is not influenced by the environment

  3. We will not judge (deny) any drawings

  4. We will think of products that match the painted drawings

  5. Everyone involved will be respected as equals 

Idea Box☺︎

  • 彼らの絵をアートブックに

  • 彼らの絵をNFTアートに

  • デザイン素材として販売

  • マグカップやTシャツのデザインに

  • 映像作品としてYouTube等で配信

  • Their drawings will be Art books

  • Their drawings will be NFT Art

  • Sell as design materials

  • Designed as mugs and T-shirts

  • Their drawings and stories become YouTube videos 

Project flow☺︎

プロジェクトの詳細は下記タンからご確認ください(*フローは現在 編集中です)。

Collabo Members☺︎

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